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Satrah Anuket - From Fear To Freedom


SatRah “Rah” is a spiritual being of light, having a human experience. She is a native of California, who has always felt deeply connected to nature and the cosmos. Recently, she left a safe Global Marketing career behind in favor of pursuing her lifelong passion of writing and being a successful entrepreneur. When she isn’t writing, by day you will find Rah spending time with her two boy’s, providing council and inspiration to her clients through teaching the 7 Universal Laws. She is also a business consultant and conduct’s corporate team-building events, with workshops, and retreats for those seeking a more balanced leadership team.

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Utilizing The 7 Universal Laws To Shift One’s Mindset, Habits, And Behaviors


Duchess Simmons

"This book reconnected my mind, body, and spirit in a very authentic way. The self-assessments and reflection that each chapter revealed to me allowed me to step outside of myself and observe every emotion in my daily interaction. I truly began to understand that my thoughts lead to certain emotions, and those emotions exposed different behaviors within myself. I was able to master my reactions and emotions and powerfully choose. Liberating indeed!" 

  Leonard Harmon

“This book made me realize so much about myself. Made me face a lot and also helped and guided me on how to let things go and gave me a different approach on how to reprogram my mind. This book is powerful!”

  Shaundale Rénā

“When you said “I am the CEO and executive decision-maker of this Avatar body I am in,” Hunty! Kudos to you for shining a light on the darkness many of us want to sweep under the table or locked in the recesses of our minds…the mental battles we fight and the scars that never get a chance to heal because we don't address them. Thank you for helping me address mine!”

(Editorial Review)

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